Oops, I did it again.

I’ve had a busy week. I quit my job, broke up with the guy I was seeing and booked a flight for London. In french we have an expression that literally says « get rid of nature and it comes back galloping ». The leopard can’t change its spots, if you prefer. I like the animal image for this one. It is like if you have this wilderness deep down, this inner animal craving freedom, it is useless to try and control it.

I tried. I really did. I found a normal job in retail, I started a relationship with someone and I was staying home on weekends. I had a steady schedule. Work on monday, wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. Date night on monday and saturday. Yoga on tuesday. Cleaning the flat on sunday.

At first it felt nice, not having to run after trains, knowing where I would be the next two weeks, texting the same person good night before falling asleep. For a moment I thought: “This is nice. Life could be easier that way.”

But it wasn’t long before my inner tiger started roaring again. I could hear it, quietly wailing at first and getting louder everyday. For weeks it stayed there, grumbling more and more. It became so loud one day that I couldn’t keep it in. She was back, I was back.

Back to teaching yoga for a living, to believing in the crazy entrepreneurial project I launched, to jumping on trains and planes when I want, to texting and kissing and sleeping with who the hell I want, to studying a major that probably won’t lead me to a wealthy career but which is triggering my creativity and challenging my mind.



Yoga Girl Challenge

“They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, so I want you to see this not as just another social media thing but as something you can actually incorporate in your life to truly create balance and wellbeing. Are you looking to make a change? To feel better in your body? To make your dreams come true? To let go of something that’s been weighing you down? Here’s your chance.”


Rachel Brathen, aka @yoga_girl on Instagram, started what might be the best social media challenge ever. It was not about fancy photos, difficult poses to show or how flexible you were. It was about growth, happiness, health and well-being.

For 21 days I have tried to do yoga every damn day and sweat as much as I could, binge-drinking wasn’t part of my life (success!), I have changed flat, city and life, I started making to-do lists to stay organised and get shit done and I brought more balance and well-being into my life. This was a life-changing challenge. Social media can be fantastic. Here is the best of my participation to the challenge.


Day 1: Yoga Every Damn Day

You don’t need to be an expert or know advanced yoga poses. Just sit and breathe, or stretch. Just move the way your body wants to move. Just do what you can with what you have, where you are. Yoga is not just a physical practice, it is also an inside job. It’s all about self-acceptance, kindness and respect. Try to go back to your mat every day and do even a few stretches. Even in your bed, when you just woke up. Treat yourself right. Listen to your body. Make it a daily practice. Rise and shine.

Capture d’écran 2014-09-10 à 16.48.06


Day 2: Meditation

Science has already proven the health benefits of meditation: increased immunity, emotional balance, lowers blood pressure, anti-inflammatory due to a lower stress level, calmness… Meditation, especially mindfulness (i.e. being in the present moment), can also help with depression, anxiety and pain. So many benefits for such a simple practice!

No need to stay still for hours while repeating a mantra. Just sit comfortably and breathe. Follow the sensation of your breath entering your lungs from your nose and going out again. Let everything you want to get rid off go with the exhalation. Whenever your mind wanders to an unwanted thought, just come back to your breath. You are here. Now. Breathing. It is all that matters.

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Day 7: Thank You

Gratitude has literally changed my life. It is now part of my daily routine to think of all the things I am thankful for in this existence. Being able to recognise the good things in life and acknowledging that you’re lucky for that is magical. It’s powerful. Try it. Think of three things you’re grateful for; your loving family, your supporting friends, your healthy body that allows you to do whatever you want, the sun in the sky, a good meal, a hot shower, the earth beneath your feet, the smile of a stranger, your own strengths and virtues… Anything. Life is complicated. It most certainly has serious hardships in store for you. Even the daily life can be filled with irritation and stress and angst. But being grateful for what you already have makes everything easier. It just makes everything better. Welcome to the good life.

Capture d’écran 2014-09-10 à 16.51.49

Day 8: Manifesting Dreams

Establishing what it is exactly that you want is the first step to getting it. Focus all your energy and thoughts on it. Picture it. Feel the way you’d feel in this dream life. And go tell the world. What I want? To travel, to be around good energy, to meet like-minded people, to build a beautiful community, to help people and make them feel good, to live in a sunny place, create a career that makes makes me avoid a 9-to-5, to make the world a better place even with tiny actions, to share my love of yoga and wellness… I picture it. I feel it. I will live it. What are your dreams?

Design by Salty Pineapple Design

Design by Salty Pineapple Design


Day 18: Mother Nature

What a better way to be close to nature than to meditate on the reef?

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A Green Smoothie Recipe That Actually Tastes Good


I have recently done my green smoothie coming out (here) and shared a few of the benefits of green thickies. However, if you have been trying to make green smoothies on your own for the first time, chances are you ended up with an undrinkable brown-ish beverage and wondered why the hell on earth I told you to drink this.

Because I love experimenting, I drank disgusting smoothies too. Fortunately for you, I sometimes create delicious ones that I write down in order to share with you. This one recipe is a very simple one and the taste is fresh, minty and generally GOOD.


The Green Smoothie For Dummies

1 (small!) handful of kale

1 green apple

1 banana

1 cup mint green tea

I generally add a little mineral water (or filtered water) to make it more liquid, thus more drinkable.

Mix for at least 1 or 2 minutes.


Et voilà! Add any superfood you want (I add chia seeds, they’re my personal favourite). You can drink it straight away or store it for your next break and breakfast.

Try it and tell me if you liked it, what you’d change to improve and why.


S. xx




J’ai récemment fait mon coming out concernant les green smoothies (oui, je bois ce truc) et j’ai partagé avec vous les bénéfices de cette boisson verte (ici). Cependant, si vous avez essayé de faire des green smoothies par vous même, il y a des chances pour que vous vous soyez retrouvé avec une sorte de mixture marron imbuvable et que vous vous soyez demandé pourquoi je vous avais conseillé de boire ça.

Ne me haïssez point, je me suis moi aussi retrouvé avec des smoothies dégoutants. Heureusement pour vous, il m’arrive de créer des recettes délicieuses que je note pour pouvoir les partager avec vous. Cette recette est très simple, fraiche, mentholée et surtout BONNE.


Le Green Smoothie Pour Les Nuls

Quelques feuilles de chou frisé

1 pomme verte

1 banane

1 thé vert à la menthe

Et j’ajoute souvent de l’eau minérale pour que le tout soit plus liquide et donc plus facilement buvable.

Mixez pendant au moins 1 ou 2 minutes.

Et voilà! Ajoutez les “superfoods” que vous voulez. J’ajoute des graines de chia, c’est mon petit coup de coeur. Vous pouvez le boire de suite ou le garder pour plus tard (encas ou petit-déjeuner).

Essayez-la et dites moi ce que vous en pensez, ce que vous changeriez, pourquoi etc.


S. xx

This Is The One Thing I Did To Start Getting Healthy

How do you start your day? Do you crawl out of bed, making dark coffee and reading the news half awake and grumbling?
If so, you may start reconsidering your morning rituals. The first thing you do in the morning matters, as it sets the mood for the whole day.
I used to wake up tired and run late every morning (often without even eating breakfast). My mind was filled with my to-do lists. And let me tell you that taking care of myself and cultivating morning rituals were not on those lists. As a college student, I had no idea how to be healthy or where to start.
I started doing one thing that helped me get healthy and was at the origin of making my whole lifestyle healthier.
If you have time for only one small ritual in the morning, do this:
Start your day with the juice of half a lemon in warm water.
It is as simple as that and the benefits are incredible.
Indeed it:
  1. Boosts immune system
Lemons are high in vitamin C, great to give an immune boost to your body, and potassium, which stimulates brain and nerve function.
What does that mean? More energy, less sickness, better skin, anti-ageing properties and less stress. Lemons are the real deal, I’m telling you.
  1. Helps with weight loss
How? It helps fight hunger cravings thanks to the pectin fiber. Also, when you start your day right, you are more willing to make the right choices throughout the day.
  1. Balances pH
If you have no idea what I’m talking about let me explain this as concisely as I can. pH stands for power of hydrogen, and yes it is the same pH you studied in science class. It ranges from 1 to 14. A pH under 7 is acidic and above, it is said to be alkaline. The ideal pH of our body is around 7.45.
You may think lemons are acidic, but don’t judge a book by its cover, they are actually the most alkaline foods around. An alkaline body is the key to good health as it is then able to wake up, repair, fight and rejuvenate from sickness.
  1. Aids digestion
Lemons flush out the toxins and unwanted material from your body and the warm water wakes up the whole system. And as weird as it sounds, there are actual neurons in your gut (it is said to be our second brain). So a happy tummy means a happy mind!
  1. Is a great alternative to coffee
In the breakfast-free mornings when I was running late, coffee was vital. I couldn’t start my day without it. However, I have been prone to stress and anxiety my whole life and I realised coffee was inducing it most of the time. In addition with emotional troubles, coffee is at the origin of many other issues like aging, blood sugar swings, fatigue, nutritional deficiencies…
I HAD to kick-start my day with a warm energising beverage though. Warm water with lemon did the trick and when I compare it now, it does more wonders than coffee ever did.
It is all about small things. If you want to get healthier but have no idea where to start, adopt this simple habit, you will be surprised by the results!
Please let me know which of the above benefits would get you to try this and if you’re already a lemon juice drinker, what benefits have you noticed?

Those Moments When I Realize I Am Not An Adult


When I have to put a duvet cover on. Alone.


When I receive a letter from the government telling me I have to pay taxes now. And I have no idea what to do.


When I manage to let a plant that I only have to water every three weeks die. Ikea’s plastic plants are a thing in my flat now.


When I try to cook with what I have in my fridge.


When I see on my newsfeed that a friend got engaged or had a baby. (The biggest commitment I’ve ever made in my life is having a cat and it very often feels overwhelming).


When I wake up after drinking like a teenager all night.


When I’m sick.


When my phone tells me I have 12 unheard messages, mainly from the bank, my landlord and work.


When people ask me what I want to do with my Literature degree.

lol serious


When I realize I’ll have to grow up at some point.


On First Times, Comfort Zones and Overcoming Your Fears

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

I read this a while ago and it stayed stuck in my head ever since. It resonated with me because when I asked myself this simple little question, it had been a long time since I hadn’t tried something new. But what is it with first times that make them so fascinating anyway? Kids try new things every day, it’s part of their day-to-day lives. Then we grow up and it’s so easy to get stuck in a routine that we know everything about. Nothing’s new, nothing’s surprising. It’s all about that comfort zone again. It feels safe to stay in it. Trying something new means stepping out of it and thus taking risks, making mistakes or failing.

It actually hit me when I was sitting with only my thoughts for distraction in Bangkok airport, waiting for my next flight. I was totally out of my comfort zone there. I was exhausted, jet lag, lost in translation and travelling without anyone to talk to (I am a very talkative person so this was a 24 hour challenge). But it was the first time I was in this airport, going to that particular destination, travelling on my own for so many hours, and it felt incredible. Everything that surrounded me was brand new. I was filled with amazement and excitement.

If sitting in an airport alone could bring so many positive feelings, what could trying other things for the first time do? I got the answer to this question during my trip because the two weeks I spent in Bali were full of new experiences.

From eating new food to driving on the left, from dancing barefoot around a bonfire to making love with someone from another nationality (love’s a universal language), from learning how to surf to diving with colorful fishes… It was all about trying new things. Everyday, a new experience awaited me. I felt like a kid again. I felt like I was finally living life to its fullest. I was feeling ALIVE.

And this was all because I had looked my fear straight into the eye and kicked its ass. Because, yes, every new experience was scary and sometimes uncomfortable at the beginning, but what came after that was so worth it. Fear is just smoke and mirrors. Once you face it, it instantly disappears.

So come join me on the other side. The view is amazing.







5 Health Benefits Of Green Smoothies – And Why The Hell I Am Drinking Them



« There’s no way I’ll drink that shit ». I heard that dozens of times while handling a green smoothie to friends, family or any other kamikaze. My little brother even calls it « Skrek’s poop ». That is how attractive green drinks are.

I know the feeling, I was exactly the same before. I watched those ridiculous girls drinking smoothies and doing yoga and taking supplements and I was laughing inwardly while eating my Big Mac.

But I recently caught myself speaking exactly like these girls. Apparently I am closer to John Lennon than Carrie Bradshaw now. Even if there will always be something Carrie in me (and I am not only talking about my love for Cosmos), a lot of things have changed. And with all these ch-ch-changes, my lifestyle became healthier for many reasons that I will probably share with you in another article.

I now exercise, eat better, drink better, sleep better, live better. But I am still trying to find the balance between drinking mojitos while dancing until dawn and going running in the morning and eating right (and no, mint leaves in mojitos don’t count I learned). I love the benefits that a healthy lifestyle brought me – hello, hot summer body – but I am not ready to give up the nights out yet. One thing at a time.


Anyway, I also started following wellness influencers and green drinks are a huge thing on social media right now. I first laughed out loud because I thought it was another trendy craze from crazy hippie yogis and it seemed to taste terrible but I then read about the benefits. They seemed endless. Seriously, when you read about all the good things that these green drinks can bring you, it sounds like a life elixir. So I thought, why not try ?

My first attempts at mixing vegetables were disastrous. I ended up with a brown-ish mixture looking (and tasting) like poop. Something like that :

Ben Kane Photography

Ben Kane Photography


So I followed recipes and, Ô magic, I started making beautiful green beverages but most important DELICIOUS ones. No more disgusting bitter-ish liquids, they tasted like sweets. « Ok, I thought, they taste good and look green. Bravo, me. But is this really good for me ? » The answer is yes, yes and YES. Here are a few reasons why :


1. Pure nutrition

If you’re like me and having trouble incorporating 5 vegetables a day (seriously, FIVE?!) in your diet, green smoothies are the solution. You will eat your veggies without even realising it ! Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to function correctly. Just take a look here.


2. Energy

Green smoothies provide a massive amount of energy to your body, especially when you’re drinking one in the morning.


3. Weight loss

Didn’t know this was possible but it is true. First because these smoothies are thick and filling so you will feel full, thus crave less. They keep your blood sugar levels low so you won’t be snacking either. Also, you’ll get more hydrated and get rid of the nasty toxins squatting in your body (goodbye, cellulite!).


4. Immunity boost

It’s no secret that the aim of eating healthy is, well… to be healthy, which means disease-free. With all the vitamins and nutrients you will get, colds or flu won’t win the war anymore.


5. Virtuous circle

Once you’ll start doing something you think of as « healthy », you’ll be willing to add more healthy stuff to your life. It’s a virtuous circle. It’s just how the human mind works. Try it if you dare !


These are only a few reasons why green smoothies are good for your health (and your taste buds). But that’s all theory.

In practice let me tell you a little bit about my experience. I was a constant sloth and I am now full of energy (especially when I drink one in the morning). I don’t constantly nap anymore. I stopped being sick all the time (sneaky colds and nasty flu) and even when I start having a sore throat, it disappears in a day thanks to all the vitamins and nutrients I receive. Oh, and for you beautiful ladies out there, my skin is better than it has never been.

ps: They also are an amazing hangover cure.

Start blending my friends !



The photos are from my Iphone. I’ll write an article with proper photos and recipes soon.

Not Your Average Love Story (Short Story With A Twist)


I don’t exactly remember the first time I saw you. You have been in my life as long as I can remember. Like a painting’s background, you were in my life without me even noticing it. But you were present, always. Sometimes you crossed my mind, in a fond way. But you were just a small part of my life, like a relative you only see on Christmas. Until this summer 2010. I will always remember those two weeks. What a surprise it was. I got to know you and what I discovered amazed me.

The love that started to grow was anything but rational. You were far from my hometown and speaking a foreign language. You were admired and loved by many. I should have known that this would be complicated but I fell for you anyway. I came back from this summer with the firm intention to make this work.

So two years later, when I came back to you, I was full of hope and excitement for this new life ahead of us. There began the best and the worst times of my life.

You were all that I had always dreamed of. Everything I expected in life, you gave it to me. You were my dream come true. My whole life revolved around you. I gave you everything and didn’t see anything. You were a risky bet that I had chosen to make. I was so blinded by all that you represented that I didn’t see the danger coming. I lost myself in you, so deeply that I forgot who I was. I became a mere shadow of my former self. And you brought me down even more. You weren’t what I expected anymore. I saw your dark side and it heightened mine. After being everything that I had dreamt of, you became all that I had always feared. Each second by your side destroyed me a little more. I had to leave, but I couldn’t. I was trapped by a faded dream.

I left eventually. It took me a whole year to recover from you, from the painful memories of the happy days by your side and the darkest ones you made me experience. One year of trying to forget you, to forgive you, to move on. How can you love and hate so much at the same time?

It’s been a few months now that I am at peace with the memories I have with you and with the idea of seeing you again.

This is why I bought a ticket and came see you. Call me crazy, but I think I needed this. As a therapy. It made me sick with apprehension. I was eaten up by fear and yet, from the moment I was with you again, I experienced a deep feeling of peacefulness, like everything was exactly where it was supposed to be. We both evolved and gained wisdom and I felt like everything was still possible. I rediscovered you and the few days I spent by your side filled me with deep joy and happiness. I am at peace now. And I can say.

London, I still love you.


A Reformed Cynical Bitch’s Manifesto

My dear Internet friends, I have to apologise for this unforgivable absence. I just wasn’t feeling like writing lately. Yet, here I am, ready to ramble about life again. A minor incident happened in my life not long ago and made me want to write again and, like the Robin Hood of blogging, re-establish justice. You know how people love talking about other people, giving their unwanted opinions about their lives and decisions? I don’t care about the judgement of vague acquaintances on my life because, well, they’re only vague acquaintances. But what happened is that I discovered people I once called friends didn’t approve who I was anymore. That’s literally what I heard from their mouths: “I don’t approve”.

My first reaction obviously was to tell them to f*ck off. But then, the new wise and peaceful me tried to understand why this was happening. I changed a lot these last 12 months. Some life events forced me to. I just couldn’t stay in the situation I was in, so I gathered my courage and changed the things that weren’t right anymore. I went from sad to glad, in a way that apparently doesn’t make sense to everyone.

Indeed, I now choose spontaneity. I choose positivity. Just like I choose what I wear in the morning I choose to think loving thoughts for the day. I choose sincerity. I choose to speak up. I choose large smiles and loud laughters. I choose to be criticised for who I am than loved for who I am not. I choose honesty. I choose to feel all emotions as they come because they make me feel alive. I choose pride. I choose to take care of my health. I choose not to live in fear. I choose to be free from what other people think and who they’re expecting me to be. I choose to open up to the world. I choose to share. I choose faith. I choose confidence. I choose failure as it brings you closer to success and sadness as it teaches you to appreciate happiness. I choose wisdom. I choose to make waves. I choose empathy. I choose kindness. I choose life.

I am a reformed cynical bitch and I am not sorry.


And you, what do YOU choose?


What’s It Like To Be A Twentysomething According To Jamie Cullum

After years of expensive education
A car full of books and anticipation
I’m an expert on Shakespeare and that’s a hell of a lot
But the world don’t need scholars as much as I thought
Maybe I’ll go traveling for a year
Finding myself, or start a career
Could work the poor, though I’m hungry for fame
We all seem so different but we’re just the same
Maybe I’ll go to the gym, so I don’t get fat
Aren’t things more easy, with a tight six pack
Who knows the answers, who do you trust
I can’t even separate love from lust
Maybe I’ll move back home and pay off my loans
Working nine to five, answering phones
But don’t make me live for Friday nights
Drinking eight pints and getting in fights
Maybe I’ll just fall in love
That could solve it all
Philosophers say that that’s enough
There surely must be more
Love ain’t the answer, nor is work
The truth eludes me so much it hurts
But I’m still having fun and I guess that’s the key
I’m a twentysomething and I’ll keep being me