Hello, world

My name is Sal, short for Salomé.

For the purpose of this bio, I asked my friends to describe me in four words. I guess they didn’t feel quite inspired that day because all I got was “French” and “you’re VERY energetic”. Two things I could have easily not mentioned in that description.

So yes, I am a French native. Based in, well that actually depends, but currently between Paris and Berlin. I am a yogi, Strala yoga rebel guide and founder of French Yoga Collective (you can check it out here). I am also an environmentalist and student of Sustainability Management at ESCP Europe, which I am absolutely passionate about because it allows me to learn about how to fix the problems of this world to make it a little nicer. I am also interested in international relations but I hate wearing a suit. I’ve been told it could be problematic.

When I am not doing yoga or saving the planet, I like planning and going on trips, eating all the food I can, meeting new people, hearing the stories of said people, speaking foreign languages, playing the four chords I know on the ukulele and dancing for hours. I am a fierce advocate of being who the heck you want to be, laughing at yourself and enjoying life like the fascinating experience that it is.

And here is the place where I write about this fascinating experience.


Hope you’ll like it xx

Capture d_écran 2017-03-29 à 22.44.03



One thought on “Hello, world

  1. Vic Ltr says:

    Your blog is really inspirational.
    I listened to music I’m to lazy to search for.
    I’m sure you’ll fin your path of travel in this crazy world.
    Good luck !

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