20 Life Lessons I’ve Learned In 20 Years

I read an article written by Jason Wachob the other day and I found it interesting. Jason is 39 so he knows a tiny bit more about life than I do. Still, I’ve learned a few things these last 20 years. So I thought I would share these very very VERY few things I know. Here are the 20 life lessons I’ve learned in 20 years.

1. “We accept the love we think we deserve”. You have to fall in love with yourself first. If you don’t love yourself, who will?

2. Your intuition is always right. Always.

3. “You can’t connect the dots going forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.” Jason also quoted this in his article. It’s from a speech made by Steve Jobs in 2005. Whenever I feel lost, upset and depressed, I watch it.

4. Don’t forget to breathe. Not like a puppy, I mean mindfully.

5. You become what you think. Buddha was right. Visualisation does work. You can create your own luck but you can also create your own hell.

6. Gratitute makes you happy. It’s magical.

7. If you want to start writing, start reading.

8. Communication is the key to every healthy relationship.

9. BREAKING NEWS. Smoking is bad for you, idiot.

10. People being mean are just unhappy people. It’s not about you. People are generally too caught up with themselves to care about what you look like, say or do. Just let go.

11. Making mistakes is the best way to learn. And to become a better person.

12. We all need to believe in something, it makes life easier. So even if you’re aware of this and it makes you feel sick because it sounds like crap to you, start believing in something. God, yourself, a political stand, a cause… Anything.

13. If you can walk, walk.

14. Stop fantasising. It’s good to have dreams but let go of great expectations because life rarely (never) goes like predicted.

15. “Say the truth” is always the right answer.

17. Your body is an amazing instrument. Start loving it instead of torturing it.

18. Friends come and go. It’s sad but you have to let go. Some people are meant to be in your life, some don’t belong here anymore.

19. Learn to laugh at yourself and never take yourself too seriously.

20. You don’t know anything.

I’m only 20, I have everything to learn. What did you learn in this lifetime?


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