A Reformed Cynical Bitch’s Manifesto

My dear Internet friends, I have to apologise for this unforgivable absence. I just wasn’t feeling like writing lately. Yet, here I am, ready to ramble about life again. A minor incident happened in my life not long ago and made me want to write again and, like the Robin Hood of blogging, re-establish justice. You know how people love talking about other people, giving their unwanted opinions about their lives and decisions? I don’t care about the judgement of vague acquaintances on my life because, well, they’re only vague acquaintances. But what happened is that I discovered people I once called friends didn’t approve who I was anymore. That’s literally what I heard from their mouths: “I don’t approve”.

My first reaction obviously was to tell them to f*ck off. But then, the new wise and peaceful me tried to understand why this was happening. I changed a lot these last 12 months. Some life events forced me to. I just couldn’t stay in the situation I was in, so I gathered my courage and changed the things that weren’t right anymore. I went from sad to glad, in a way that apparently doesn’t make sense to everyone.

Indeed, I now choose spontaneity. I choose positivity. Just like I choose what I wear in the morning I choose to think loving thoughts for the day. I choose sincerity. I choose to speak up. I choose large smiles and loud laughters. I choose to be criticised for who I am than loved for who I am not. I choose honesty. I choose to feel all emotions as they come because they make me feel alive. I choose pride. I choose to take care of my health. I choose not to live in fear. I choose to be free from what other people think and who they’re expecting me to be. I choose to open up to the world. I choose to share. I choose faith. I choose confidence. I choose failure as it brings you closer to success and sadness as it teaches you to appreciate happiness. I choose wisdom. I choose to make waves. I choose empathy. I choose kindness. I choose life.

I am a reformed cynical bitch and I am not sorry.


And you, what do YOU choose?



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